How about your OEM capability?
Our engineers design your custom samples with AutoCAD, Pro-E and Solid Works for accurate results. With over one decade of OEM and ODM experience, we meet your toughest demands by using a range of techniques such as hot forging ,sand casting and precision machining. With abundant production capability, efficient apparatus, scientific management and a hardworking production team, we have enough capability to guarantee the fulfillment of your orders.

How about your quality control?
All QC procedures are completed in-house by a team of experts including experienced engineers, highly skilled technicians and efficient production staff who are trained to perform QC inspections.
First, we analyze the content of materials supplied. Second, we keep close control over every production process. Finally, when the products are completed, everything will be measured and tested, including packing, logos and approval marks.

What is the lead time?
If the quantity is not large , 15 days is enough, if large, It should take 1 month.

Do you charge for the samples?
No, usually we offer samples free of charge.

What is your main material?
The main material of our products is common brass (Cu 57-59%,Pb≤3%,Fe≤0.8%,Ni≤1%),
But other brass or bronze are also available .

How do you quote?
Every time we quote, we would show the price of material, if this material price changes when clients place order, we will adjust our prices accordingly.